Feet and Foundations in Rome

October 12, 2016
In this week's audio blog, I discuss feet statues from Rome and the mysterious island in LOST. Further, I mention different foundations in Rome and compare different kinds of shoes.  I emphasize the importance of having an intimate, balanced relationship with your feet. In yoga, we stand on our mat barefoot and strengthen and stretch our arches.

This Foot Spray by Aurorae is made with pure essential oils to keep your feet, shoes, and yoga mat clean and fresh:

These beautiful Flower of Life Barefoot Sandals remind us to be in touch with the natural earth surface.

These Crocs allow you to still use your arches in a work environment:

Check out these Yoga Leggings for the Sunset at the Colosseum:

And the Featured Wet Sand/Dry Sand Yoga Leggings to inspire you to step out barefoot:

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